Happy 7th Birthday, Ava

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

We've been MIA lately...summer has kicked us square in the rear with sickness, hospital admissions, more sickness....but we HAVE had time for fun!  Thank goodness!  I'm due for a life lately post, but in the interim, I couldn't not NOT celebrate this girl on the blog today!

She promised she would stay 4 forever. And then 5 & 6 happened. And now, another year has rolled around and Ava is 7! 

This girl, y’all. She's a firecracker, an atmosphere changer. She taught me how to pray. She has stretched me more than any of the others. And it’s probably because she’s exactly like me. She’s the one who will make me pay for my raising. But she is JOY! Pure.infectious.joy. And I’m so glad she’s our miracle middle. 

Happy 7th Birthday to our sass queen, our tiny dancer, our flower picking, daydreaming, cuddling, skipping, twirling, flipping, spinning, joyfully loud, chocolate addicted, Jesus loving, lipstick smacking, Barbie obsessed, Ava E. 
 You are SO loved! 


Friday Favorites

Friday, June 17, 2016

Another Friday already?!

It's definitely summer!  You know, because you get lost in the days within the week and you don't know what time it is, much less what day.  That's one of my favorites about summer.

I'm linking up as usual with Andrea, Erika, and Narci to bring you my Friday Favorites!!

And it's the short and sweet edition because I'm dragging.  We had a pretty low key week at the beginning, but we've headed in to the girls Nationals Dance Competition and let's be real, while it's a favorite and I absolutely LOVE watching my girls...    
Dance mommin' ain't easy.

Mama be looking a little tired!

We have more Nationals today and tomorrow, but yesterday the girls racked up!  Ava and the Baby Stars won platinum and 4th overall in petite rising stars (pretty big deal since they were the youngest competing against kids Anna Claire's age, etc). Anna Claire and crew's first dance won double platinum and was 4th overall and her second dance, Cheese Please, won the entertainment award, double platinum, was 1st overall, and is headed to the Shootout on Saturday! 🙌🏽💃
I never ever ever dreamed I would grow up to be a dance mom, but it's kind of my favorite.  And I love spending time with my girls doing what they love!
Making new things is also my favorite!  One of my friends asked if I could make some shirts for her sister's wedding party and I said I would give it a whirl.  Before I set out on hers, I tried a few out on my girls and am excited to say these will be added to the shop soon!

That's a wrap on my favs for the week!  We're headed out for another weekend full of dance and then our summer can officially begin!

Happy weekend!



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Persimmon Berry Farm & other weekend shenanigans

Monday, June 13, 2016

The girls and I were up early Friday to head out to Persimmon Farm.  I was hoping to beat the heat and the crowd, but apparently everyone else had the same plans.

It was a scorcher, but the pinkin' was right!

We picked about 10 lbs of berries, ate lunch, and were back home by before 1.  Perfection of a day!

 This was our second year out to the farm, I dare say a tradition, but I hope it has become one.




Alli even enjoyed picking berries and placing them in her bucket.  Although, her favorite part was actually throwing the berries.

 Obligatory, "my bucket has more than yours," argument between siblings.

 My world.

 And we couldn't go home without their infamous Thunder Muffins.  Y'all.

Between the weather, dance, and Alli's therapies we haven't had a second to swim, but the heat was pretty horrific and we broke out the redneck waterslide just as soon as we were home.  When we lived in Tennessee we had a large hill on the side of our house where we would place like 6 tarps and let the kids slide down.  It was always a favorite thing for the girls (even with a pool).

We have a flat yard here in Missouri, but throw a little soap and add the water and there were hours of slip n' slide fun!

Saturday morning I was up at 4:30 working (because I couldn't sleep).  Insomnia or just your average bed invaders?!  It's anyone's guess.

Saturday afternoon/night was the team party for our dance studio.  We have nationals this week and they always celebrate the year and kick off nationals with a pool party. 

 Before the party, their besties showed up to play.  We had lunch, the girls played outside, and then we were off to the pool.  It felt so good to hang out with our dance family and not have anything else on the itinerary.  And it was a welcomed party, since it was blazing hot!


Oh, I love this girl!  She looks so young to me and I'm so thankful for that.  Her personality has always been so big and years past her real age, it's hard for me to realize she's still just 9.

Thanks to my friend and fellow dance Mom, Patience for the rest of the pool pics!

Jazz hands...I've still got it.

The Real Dance Moms of America.  ;-)

My little Ava baby was voted by the team as Most Likely to Perform on Stage AND in Class.

Sunday we had church, came home for lunch, a few of our family members took a nap, and then we were off again to celebrate a friend's birthday.

Laser tag is SO fun!
That was a full and fun weekend!  We're super pumped about this week - the girls have rehearsals today and Nationals begins tomorrow!!  This has been such a fun season!



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